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This series is an $800 value but free to join, and don’t worry, nothing will be sold on the calls.)

The Silver Anniversary Series: current list of programs and passcodes

Here are some of the topics we will cover over the next few months leading up to the 25th Annual Convention…

  • How to build a business “settling” delinquent/defaulted notes for distressed homeowners facing foreclosure or a short sale, and how to work with private investors to buy the settled notes at huge discounts (or buy them yourself).
  • Maximizing ROI and Minimizing Tax Liabilities through IRA Investing
  • Corporate Structure and Asset Protection for Investors
  • How to Become a Private Lender to Achieve 10+% Returns on Your Money
  • How Cash Buyers Can Use Seller Financing as an Exit Strategy
  • How to Buy Commercial Notes and Property
  • How and When Investors Should Use Land Contracts
  • How to Decrease Risk When You Invest in Defaulted Notes
  • How to Buy Smart at Foreclosure Auctions
  • Taking the Mystery out of Buying REOs
  • Best Practices for Acquiring and Managing Rental Properties
  • How to do a “Lonnie Deal” in 2011
  • …and more.

In addition to sharing this online educational series with you, we will also send you bonus reports and a special edition of the Noteworthy Newsletter we’re issuing to commemorate our Silver Anniversary.

One more thing: everyone who participates in the Silver Anniversary Series will be given discounted admission to the 25th Annual Convention.

To recap: here’s what you just signed up for:

**Private access to a series of 100% content educational presentations on the topics that matter to you. Value: $500

**A complimentary copy of the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Noteworthy Newsletter featuring “the best of” articles as well as specially commissioned articles by today’s top note, finance, and real estate experts (hard copy, delivered via post). Value: $50

**Discounted admission to the 25th Annual Noteworthy Convention, featuring the nation’s best educators and trainers in the Note and Cash Flow business as well top experts in Creative Real Estate investing. Value: $300

Total value: $800.

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Jack Sternberg
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