Week-long Notes Training, July 16-26

Ready to Get Serious about Building a Profitable Note Business?

Announcing a week-long training event like no other…

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Here’s just a small preview of what you will learn during this power-packed week:


  • How to find, price, buy, flip, and exit from Defaulted Note deals.

This 3-day interactive workshop session is where you discover how to source the lenders who are the most likely sellers, how to evaluate collateral, how to bid on loans, and making sure you have exit strategies A, B, & C in place BEFORE you close and how they can all make you money.


  • How to Become a Seller Finance Expert and Meet a HUGE Need in the Market

This second 3-day interactive workshop is where you learn how to help deserving buyers that are being denied conventional financing by creating a win-win situation without using your own money. You will also learn how to build a business and make several profit centers from one single note and learn how to recognize the junk deals that waste time & money. Finally, learn how to become the go-to-person in an industry full of Realtors and property sellers seeking alternative financing for their deals


  • How ACTIVE note investors are KILLING IT in this market.

You’ll be sitting beside, learning from, and hanging out with real investors who do this business every day. They will help you know what’s working now and where NOT to waste your time. Plus, on the Real Estate Bus Tour, you’ll meet hedge fund managers and a mega-investor who will share their note investment strategies with you!


  • How to Hit the Ground Running

You will get personal attention from a note professional who will help you map out EXACTLY what you need to do when you get home to implement like crazy and start making money in the business FAST.

Plus, Get These Bonuses

  • Notes Home Study Course ($997 value)
  • Complete Document Kit ($197 value)
  • Real Estate Bus Tour to a Note Buying Hedge Fund and a Mega-Investor’s Private Office ($497 value)
  • Rub Shoulders with Experts ($priceless) Here’s a list of the trainers you will hang out with and learn from in this small-group, interactive environment…

Eddie Speed has been in the Note business for over 25 years and is the lead trainer for this event. Eddie is the president of Colonial Funding Group, LLC and holds the distinction of purchasing more seller-financed notes than any other individual in the business. With a lifetime volume of purchases over $500 million, Eddie has seen just about every scenario.

Eddie has received many of the industry’s top honors, including the 2006 Industry Achievement Award. He is also the author of Streetwise Seller Financing, a complete guide to creating and utilizing seller financing.

David Roberts has been in the Subprime and Distressed Loan Portfolio services niche for the last fifteen years. David started in the business on the insurance side specializing in the placement of lender coverage and REO coverage for mortgage servicing entities and the investor community.

Bryan Dunklin served on the faculty of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, for 23 years, where he taught real estate law and business law. He received his BA with honors, Juries Doctor and MBA degrees from SMU. Bryan has served as the Chairman of the 820 lawyer Real Property Section of the Dallas Bar Association. He’s held a Texas real estate broker’s license for more than 25 years. Bryan is the former general counsel of a national bank, and the former president and CEO of a real estate brokerage, management, and syndication company.

David Phelps began investing in real estate while still in dental school in 1980. After graduating dental school in 1983, he never looked back and began a steady and continuous progression in real estate education and investment for the remainder of his practice career. He’s created multiple streams of income that provide for him and his family.

Mitch Stephen a self-taught real estate entrepreneur, Mitch Stephen has purchased over a thousand properties over the past decade. He was proclaimed the founder of the San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association whose more than eight hundred members dedicated their headquarters in his name. The founder of a powerful Internet tool for real estate investors, he preaches the virtues of the worldwide web and the absolute necessity of a global presence. In addition, he has lectured on a wide variety of topics, ranging from owner financing mobile homes to purchasing commercial buildings.

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Call for more information: 504-324-2162

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P.S. Remember, like all our trainings you get a full guarantee. So, if for some reason you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

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