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“Understanding Bulk REO” training session

“How to buy by the gallon and sell by the shot…”

After the recent webinar with Sal Buscemi on investing in and brokering what he calls “bulk assets” (i.e. bulk REOs and non-performing notes), we got many, many questions about the process Sal uses in his business. In response, Sal sat down and made a new video explaining more about the business of bulk buying REOs and non-performing notes.

So sit back and take notes from this brief, informative 20-minute training on “Understanding Bulk REO”…


For more information about the program Sal put together and to hear about how to finance your Bulk REO training, click here.

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  2. By Ron | Reply

    I’m in chapter 7 BK now.
    First I hired a lawyer modifier outfit.
    I wanted them to find the Countrywide note.
    Also for my 2nd house, the Citi Mortgage note.
    The modifier went belly up but still claimed they were done with filing my residence mod and were current with the other house. 2 lawyers went their separate ways and both offices claimed to continue negotiating. Then I was foreclosed on and so I dropped the lawyers and sought to modify directly with the banks on my own. No dice. So I declared bankruptcy. I paid for my daughter to do the same on her property – Mod and Capter 7. After 3 years my residence is on the auction block now. I still don’t know who was lying. Did I have a mod or not? The bank says no. First they said they had the note then finally they said investors have it and they are just servicing it. I used to have 750+ credit, now it’s -750 below 0. I have no assets and a battered retirement account. I’m 63.
    I since moved in with relatives and my daughter divorced and moved with 4 kids.

  3. By Patrick | Reply

    THANK You For The Presentation oF The How Too, And The Three Pmt Propostion.

  4. By Albert Anzalone | Reply

    good short course would like to here more.

  5. By Albert Anzalone | Reply

    If they donot have the right to forclose due to doc deficiency how can they sell the note?

    What are the the Bank called the should be contacted for the Bulk Notes.


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