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Try These Cash Flows

by Marty Granoff (

I have just returned from a most enlightening and enjoyable NoteWorthy convention held in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to hold a workshop on what my organization specializes in: dealing with state lottery winners, structured settlement annuitant and contest winners. We help them convert some or all of their future payments into lump-sum cash now.

In the portion of the workshop devoted to structured settlements, I covered what these cash flows are, exactly, and how to find them. These are cash flows resulting from the settlement of a law suit, whether before reaching court or in court, involving personal injury or death. Examples of these would be litigation involving auto accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death. The plaintiff sued the defendant, won and received cash at settlement and future payments to be paid over time. These future payments are funded by the purchase of an annuity policy by the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company. The plaintiff thus receives his/her future payments directly from the annuity company and it is some or all of these payments we acquire.

Time passes, many of these annuitants have changes in their lives and they seek some extra money by selling some or all of their future payments. The first person they usually call regarding this is their attorney who handled their original case. The funny part about this is this attorney most likely tells his client he can’t do anything with those future payments except receive them on schedule. This is because most personal injury attorneys don’t know about law changes over recent years allowing for the assignment of these future payments to investors, which had not been legally doable before. HINT: TO PROSPECT FOR STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT BUSINESS, SIMPLY CALL PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS AND TELL THEM YOU REPRESENT INVESTORS WHO ACQUIRE SUCH FUTURE PAYMENTS AND THE NEXT TIME THE ATTORNEY RECEIVES A CALL FROM AN EXISTING STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT CLIENT SEEKING EXTRA MONEY, TO REFER THEM TO YOU. These transactions usually take from two to three months to complete and require our obtaining a court order.

Regarding state lottery prospects, contacting attorneys, accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, insurance representatives, bank trust departments, etc. works well as some of these people could be representing winners who may be interested. In most lottery states lists of their “installment” winners can be obtained just by asking the state lottery commission. Though such lists will most likely not have current addresses and phone numbers, you should be provided names, win dates, amounts won and cities where the winner lived when they won. Good investigative work, with the help of the internet, can help you locate winners or their brothers, cousins, nephews, etc. The more unusual the name, the easier to find them or their relatives. When finding relatives, ask them if you can send a letter to the winner in care of them with the relative then forwarding your letter to the winner. Many times this works great. State lottery websites also have information regarding past winners. For example, there can be a news release saying the winner showed up at the lottery commission with his cousin. The name of this cousin, usually mentioned in the article, may be easier to find a phone number for than for the winner.

For contest winners I think one must just be alert for them when reading newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio or watching television. There are contests sponsored by large companies and charities all the time with prizes paid out over time. Some that immediately come to mind are McDonald’s, Levi-Strauss and Motorola. Have you ever seen golf “Hole-In-One” prizes of $1 million? Do you think this is cash up front? How about some of the TV shows with large (and I don’t mean tall or fat) prize winners?

If anyone was not able to attend my workshop while at the convention (there were just too many great but overlapping sessions) or for those not at the convention who would like to learn more about what we do, please feel free to contact me: Marty Granoff, Granoff Enterprises. As we are totally referral based, we will thus never be a competitor of yours. We need as many referral sources as possible so we encourage your learning as much about these cash flows as you can, hoping you will bring those you find to us. We know this business works and there is a lot of money to be made in it. If you are not earning your share after trying it, that is because of you, not the industry. You may need some help or to make some changes and we would be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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