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  • Safety: The note business changes the old saying that the riskier the investment, the higher the interest rate. High interest rates can be secured by almost risk free real estate. In this business you can buy with more safety and higher yields than almost any other money investment.
  • High Yields: The note business allows the investor to earn yields that are truly in the stratosphere. In fact, our favorite yield or interest rate on an investment is “Error 5″ on the calculator. This means that our rate of return is so high that the calculator cannot calculate it.
  • Liquidity: Notes, unlike real estate, are readily turned into cash on the secondary market. So if you have a portfolio of notes and need cash right away, you can sell quickly, albeit at a discount.
  • * Borrow: You can borrow money on your notes without giving up the note. In that sense, notes are an asset just like owning real estate.
  • Potential: Did you know you can fix up a note and increase its value just as you can fix up real estate and increase its value? You can! As you learn more about the amazing note business you will learn about “rescheduling” notes to increase their Present Value.
  • Cash Flow: Unlike real estate, or many other investments, notes by their very nature, provide the owner with a positive cash flow.
  • Easy to Manage: Notes, secured by real estate, require nothing more than opening the payment envelope each month. You do not have to paint a note, nor unclog the toilet of a note.
  • Exchange for Real Estate:A little known fact about notes is that you can trade them for full face value for real estate. You can buy a note at a terrific discount and then trade that note at full face value for real estate.
  • Net Worth: If you hold notes in your portfolio, you increase your net worth which allows you to develop an unsecured line of credit from a bank to buy more notes. If you own real estate, your net worth looks worse to a bank because it is usually financed and appears as debt on your financial statement.
  • Easy: Notes are easy to acquire, easy to own and easy to turn into a profit. There is no simpler way to increase your cash flow and your net worth.

So, if this opportunity intrigues you, you will enjoy and profit from learning about the Time Value of Money and the business opportunity of the decade.

Dave Roberts

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  2. By Michael Petersen | Reply

    I want to be in this business but do not know which company to join. Would you please suggest the best one that is reputable with the best training and opportunity. Your help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Mike Petersen

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