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Note Buyers – Linked In or Whacked Out?

LinkedIn has been called the Facebook for businesspeople. I have a profile there, but I rarely check it, and requests to make a connection (similar to ‘friending’ someone on Facebook) from people I know may sit for months before I notice them. Nonetheless, I occasionally browse my ‘groups’ to see if anything of interest is [...]
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  2. By Marc Faulkner | Reply

    I love the name of your article! I am also on LinkedIn and have actually networked with a few individuals and companies there that I have done business with. I belong to several groups, have connected with old friends and have over 500 connections I can communicate with there.
    I agree with you, for the most part, that the chatter going on is mostly self serving spam and I have quit several groups because of the amount of material I am sent that is completely off topic in relationship to the group. With that said there is a need for forums that provide open and honest discussions in regards to the note business. It is amazing how many uneducated folks are SOLD on the business as being something that is easy to do. The fact is that if you do not understand the Time Value of Money, you will never be able to explain the discounts required in order to make the transaction actually work, to the note holder/seller. If you are not competent in negotiations then you will never make it as a Note Broker. I appreciate what you are doing here with this site and have sent many new brokers here to get reeducated. You guys have never sold the business as easy or a get rich quick program. Keep up the good work!

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