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27% yield and $38,000 per month? Here’s how one investor did it…

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It’s not often that you hear about someone who comes out of the gates like Gerald has in the past two years. We’ll let the numbers do the talking…

performance2 27% yield and $38,000 per month? Heres how one investor did it...

Gerald's performance as a note investor since 2009

In our recent interview with Gerald, he shared the business model that has enabled him to achieve spectacular success in the two years he has been involved in the Note business. One of the keys for him has been innovating smart cash deployment strategies that allow him to avoid having his investment capital tied up. (I’ll let him explain it, but here’s a hint: it involves partials.)

Another effective strategy for Gerald has been combining brokering, personal investing, and doing joint-venture partnerships with other investors.

Gerald is a rising star in the Note business, and you’ll want to pay close attention to this 42-minute, pure-content interview, brought to you as part of Noteworthy’s Silver Anniversary Series.

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    Lets hear the interview!

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    Bob, the interview is here:

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