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Sign up today for this training series, co-taught by Note Industry veterans Jack Sternberg and Eddie Speed

We’ll send you a brand-new, info-packed, pure-content training webinar once a day for the next 6 days. Here’s just a small preview of what you will learn during this power-packed week:

  • How people like you are finding, pricing, buying, flipping, and exiting from Defaulted Note deals.

In this webinar session, you discover how to source the lenders who are the most likely sellers, how to evaluate collateral, how to bid on loans, and making sure you have exit strategies A, B, & C in place BEFORE you close and how they can all make you money.

  • How to Become a Seller Finance Expert and Meet a HUGE Need in the Market

In this webinar session, you learn how to help deserving buyers that are being denied conventional financing by creating a win-win situation without using your own money. You will also learn how to build a business and make multiple profit centers from one single note and learn how to recognize the junk deals that waste time & money. Finally, learn how to become the go-to-person in an industry full of Realtors and property sellers seeking alternative financing for their deals.

  • How ACTIVE note investors are KILLING IT in this market.

Throughout this pure-content webinar series, you’ll hear about real investors (like you) who do this business every day. Their stories will help you know what’s working now and where NOT to waste your time.

A few testimonials for Eddie Speed and Noteworthy’s Notes training…

“0 – $8,000 in 2 weeks – fact! And that‘s only my first deal!
Thanks to this training system, this is not accident, but a reflection of what he teaches.”

~Mahmood Motani

“Without a complete understanding of real estate lien notes, the feat of buying and selling over 1,000 houses would have been impossible. In 2011, I’ve had the best year in 17 years and it was all possible because of real estate lien notes and the flexibility they allow for in good times and in bad times.

Right now is the perfect storm for this type of investing. Let Eddie show you how to accumulate wealth buy using notes. It’s worked for me for over 17 years and it’s still working for me!!”

~Mitch Stephen, My Life in 1000 Houses

This training system shows me how to be the best I can be, it’s been great working in a program that delivers exactly as promised. On my first deal, I took a portion of my IRA retirement account and started making incredible returns. Who thought this could happen in a down Real Estate and stock market. Plus on other transactions I’m earning big fees without using any of my own money. Thanks!!!

~Steve Thomas

“I credit this training program, in large part, with the success I have experienced in the note business. The training helped to keep me on track with my goals. My note business has expanded from brokering to manufacturing and non-performing acquisition allowing me to gross a six-figure income working this business part-time.  The programs are structured in a way that have allowed me to build on key knowledge necessary to work with lenders and borrowers alike to create paper that results in a performing and valuable asset for my portfolio.”

~Ryan Parson

Sign up today for this training series, co-taught by Note Industry veterans Jack Sternberg and Eddie Speed!