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Interview: “Seller Finance Strategies That Work in Today’s Market”

Silver Anniversary Series


slide2 Interview: Seller Finance Strategies That Work in Todays Market

Walter Wofford shares seller finance strategies for buying and selling Real Estate

In this 52-minute interview with real estate investor Walter Wofford, you’ll hear about the creative strategies he’s using in his family business to turn one profitable seller finance deal after another in the current market. Walter’s specialty is using seller financing to buy and then re-sell houses in the Jackson, Mississippi market, and he’s really cracked the code on this. Even if you think you know something about combining real estate investing and seller financing, I guarantee that in this short interview, Walter will show you a thing or two that will put money in your pocket in your next deal.



Highlights of the call include:

  • How to find and negotiate with property sellers who don’t need to sell but who want to sell
  • How to get 0% seller financing and deferred payments when buyung properties
  • How to avoid putting down earnest money (you’ll love this one!)
  • How to find motivated buyers and give them a seller finance deal they can’t refuse
  • How to “wrap” a seller financed note you create for your end buyer around the one you used to purchase the property–and how your built-in equity rises steeply every single month when you do this
  • Why you should let your buyer decide the terms of the note–and why Walter charges 5% interest
  • How to squeeze cash out of these deals by selling partial interest in them to private investors
  • How Walter uses video in all aspects of his real estate business (make sure you catch the example at the end of how he used a video to turn a potentially ugly confrontation with the “vulture fund” director into a nice check and ongoing deal flow (great story!)
  • and a heck of a lot more…

Walter is a veteran real estate investor and seller financing expert who has figured out how to thrive in today’s markets, and you’ll definitely want to take lots of notes during this to this 52-minute, pure-content interview, brought to you as part of Noteworthy’s Silver Anniversary Series.

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  1. 11 Comment(s)

  2. By Bob Melendez | Reply

    Really interested.

  3. By Walter Riddle | Reply

    I have used wraps many times and am interested in what Walter has to say.

    Walter Riddle

  4. By jack kidwell | Reply

    I already sell other people real estate notes now.
    How can I help myself in this note sale. or not let me know.

    I need more income now.

  5. By mikemitchell | Reply

    How do I listen to this call?

  6. By admin | Reply

    Signing up here (for free) will get you access to this call and the rest of the Silver anniversary series:

  7. By Joe | Reply

    I want to hear what Walter has to say

  8. By Juan | Reply

    Are all this call recorded, I’m working in Afghanistan right now and all this information it will be good to learn.


    Juan Lugo

  9. By Tom Busselle | Reply

    Thank You!

  10. By Bill | Reply

    Now that there is no more sub prime financing I believe owner financing is poised for a come back.
    Finding a motivated seller is the key. One who doesn’t need a lot of money upfront and/or who has an older property that needs repairs. In addition to prospecting the tax rolls like Walter does, I would also recommend working older estate properties. Since, you would be buying and selling with owner financing, simultaneous closings would be possible meaning no cash outlay. If you didn’t want to resell and create and hold paper you could assign the deal instead without any money needed. To those concerned about a license, and the 3 deal limit, I would take title in a land trust.

  11. By reiguru | Reply

    This call could be very beneficial from the sound of it. Any hints on how to thrive in this market would help even the most seasoned veterans. It’s always nice to hear how other people are excelling in their area markets.

  12. By Rick | Reply

    As new to the industry,I want to learn all that I can and this is the place to do it.

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