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Zillow: Minor drop in 30-year mortgage rates

“With little anticipated economic news this week, we expect rates will remain steady, similar to the pattern they’ve held for the past few weeks,” said Erin Lantz, vice president of mortgages at Zillow. All HW content

US, Mass courts rule in favor of MERS in foreclosures

by andrewmalone Two recent decisions affirm MERS’ role as mortgagee with the authority to assign a mortgage. All HW content

Foreclosure filings down 1%, bank repos up 4%

by Universal Pops (David) Property foreclosure filings — default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — were down 1% in April while bank repossessions in April increased 4%. All HW content

ditech returning to the mortgage market in a big way

by Universal Pops (David) ditech, a company that once was a poster child for pre-crash subprime lending is getting its second act, is hoping to leverage its high-profile brand name and get back into the national mortgage market as a major player. All HW content

FHFA, GSEs launch program to “stabilize” communities hit hardest by foreclosures

by pnwra The program includes two distinct pre-foreclosure strategies and three distinct post-foreclosure strategies, all of which are intended to assist homeowners who are behind on their mortgages, help neighborhoods recover, and reduce the inventory of real estate owned properties held by Fannie and Freddie. All HW content

Tech bubble vs. Housing bubble

by Universal Pops (David) Back in 2000, the dot-com bubble burst, costing $ 6.2 trillion in household wealth. Then shortly after, the housing crisis hit, and the value of real estate owned by U.S. However, the two created very different results. All HW content

8 Twitter housing accounts you need to follow

by tantrum_dan With the housing industry on high alert due to constant changes and updates being made to regulations, Twitter is a great place give you constant, daily updates in 140 characters or less. All HW content

Scorecard: Housing is trending positively

by archer10 (Dennis) “April’s Housing Scorecard shows that the housing market is stabilizing, as home prices have risen nearly 7% from last year, and foreclosure completions are at their lowest level since mid-2007,” said HUD Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research Katherine O’Regan. All HW content

Benham brothers — of HGTV controversy — were REO “giants”

by TexasEagle It’s been three years since Jason and David Benham were featured in HousingWire’s Giants magazine, but now you might know them better for losing their HGTV show before it could ever see any airtime. All HW content

Impac Mortgage reports net loss of $3 million for 1Q 2014

by archer10 (Dennis) Originations decreased 48% from the first quarter of 2013, down to $ 353.1 million. Impac attributes most of that to the sale of their brick and mortar branches at the end of last year, which accounts for $ 180 million of the decline. All HW content

Note Safety—Loan-To-Value Ratio

A low loan-to-value ratio makes your note safer and increases its resale value. The loan-to-value ratio for your note is the sum of the current loan balance for your loan and all senior loans divided by the current market value of the property securing the note. Loan-to-value ratio for a second loan having a current….  Read the rest »

Basic Note Buying Negotiation Tips

Lets take a look at some basic negotiation tips that you can easily apply to your own note purchase situation. 1. Look for some type of common ground when you first begin your negotiation. You are building up rapport and spending time just getting to know the other person or party involved. 2. Look and….  Read the rest »

Outage barely dents Ellie Mae earnings

by Universal Pops (David) Ellie Mae reported a first-quarter revenue of $ 32.2 million compared to $ 30.9 million for the same period a year ago, overcoming the effects of its recent outage at the end of March. All HW content

Ocwen boasts net income of $75.8M in 1Q2014 despite regulator woes

by Universal Pops (David) Despite regulator woes, Ocwen Financial Services reported net income of $ 75.8 million on revenue of $ 551.3 million, up 36% from the first quarter of 2013. Income from operations grew by 24% to $ 202.1 million for the first quarter of 2014 as compared to $ 163.6 million for the….  Read the rest »

GSE risk-sharing deals begin on a high note

by godogo Loan performances for government-sponsored enterprise’s risk sharing deals are off to a strong beginning, with recent reference pools reporting better credit attributes than historical averages, even when compared to strong-performing vintages. All HW content

Mortgage applications continue downward heading

by StevenM_61 Mortgage applications fell 5.9% from one week earlier, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s weekly survey of mortgage applications for the week ending April 25, 2014. All HW content

Was Ellie Mae attack the work of cyberterrorists?

by davidyuweb Right at the turn of the month, a critical time for lenders, Ellie Mae’s loan origination system stopped. But is this a small piece of a larger puzzle? Theories abound. All HW content

Getting Private Money Now

In this no-fluff interview, real estate investing and private money expert Patrick Riddle lays out in simple language how you can raise private money for your deals. Think about how many opportunities access to private money will give you… On the call, Patrick covers: Specific techniques to get private money on your deals, including the….  Read the rest »

Benefits of Being a Published Author: Interview with Mike Lewis

In this interview, marketing expert Mike Lewis explains why having your own book is one of the most powerful ways to get new partners and attract new business. Think about it: Having your own book gives you: Instant credibility and status Positioning as a top expert The best “business card” possible An edge over your….  Read the rest »

7 Keys to Growing a Successful Real Estate Business

In this 27-minute, pure-content audio, We share what we believes are the “7 Keys to Success for Real Estate investors.” Some of the “7 Keys” covered on the call include: The power of “co-wholesaling” (especially when you’re starting out) Building the all-essential Buyer’s List Analyzing the Deal: How to pick deals that have multiple exit….  Read the rest »

5 Keys to Note Investing Success – Free download

What are the 5 things you MUST get right to succeed as a note investor? Download this free 45-page report and find out. The report reveals… • How much is your note really worth? (p. 17) • Why record keeping is vital to your note’s value (p. 10) • A simple technique that can avoid….  Read the rest »

Behind The Housing Starts Headlines, The Story That Matters

When it comes to housing data, sometimes you have to look past the headlines. December’s Housing Starts data offers a terrific illustration of why. Each month, the Census Bureau tallies Housing Starts for the month prior. A “housing start” is a home on which construction has started. The Housing Starts report is separated by property….  Read the rest »

Free Audio – Real Estate and Note Marketing

“Interview with the Experts” series: Carl White, Simon White, Walter Wofford, and Jeff Armstrong on Marketing “It’s MARKETING that makes you money…” claims Carl White in this brief but powerful panel discussion. Listen to these experts… and tell us if you agree or not… One of the highlights of  a previous Noteworthy Convention was the….  Read the rest »

Obama: Subprime lending immoral, not illegal

by AndrewHA . President Barack Obama said Thursday the mortgage finance practices that led to the economic meltdown were "immoral, inappropriate and reckless," but not necessarily illegal, making it difficult to punish key players, specifically in the subprime debacle. Obama made those statements after a reporter asked the president during a news conference why the administration….  Read the rest »

Goodman: Feds must move rep and warranty risk for new refis

by YardSale A new refinancing surge for underwater homeowners will not happen unless the U.S. government moves the risk of buying back the mortgage should it default from the old lender to the new one, according to one expert. Laurie Goodman, a senior analyst at Amherst Securities Group, will detail how the government could allow….  Read the rest »

PennyMac earnings jump 126% as distressed investments pay off

by The Library of Congress PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT: 16.50 +1.91%) today reported net income for the second quarter more than doubled from a year earlier as the valuation of its loan portfolio rose. The REIT’s net income leaped to $ 30.2 million from $ 13.3 million in the three months ended June 30,….  Read the rest »

What Will The Debt Ceiling Agreement Do To Mortgage Rates?

The United States is projected to reach its legal $ 14.294 trillion debt limit today. The limit was set by Congress February 12, 2010. The U.S. Treasury may not issue new debt beyond the debt ceiling. Since April 2011, Congress has debated ways to remain below the nation’s $ 14.292 trillion borrowing limit. The debate….  Read the rest »

S&P: Shadow inventory slowing down recovery

by The Library of Congress Although the drop in default rates shows promise, the amount of shadow inventory still creates a dark loom over the future of housing prices, according to latest results from Standard & Poor's U.S. Residential Performance Index. The shadow inventory of unresolved distressed properties is currently at an estimated $ 405….  Read the rest »

Home Prices Rise For The 2nd Straight Month

A strong spring season helped home values recover, says the government. According to the Federal Home Finance Agency’s Home Price Index, home prices rose a seasonally-adjusted 0.4 percent from April to May. It’s the HPI’s second straight increase, and puts the monthly index at its highest point since January 2011. As a home seller ,….  Read the rest »

Mortgage bankers push for conforming loan limit extension

by echiner1 Mortgage Bankers Association CEO David Stevens sent a letter to House leaders Thursday urging lawmakers to extend the elevated conforming loan limits for government-backed mortgages. In 2008, Congress allowed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration to guarantee or buy mortgages worth as much as $ 729,750 in most neighborhoods. The….  Read the rest »

Only 49% of homeowners surveyed say home worth more than mortgage

by MidCentArc For the second month in a row, less than half of the nation's homeowners think their home is worth more than the amount they still owe on their mortgage. While that’s up from June’s all-time low of 45%, it is just the third time this finding has fallen below 50% since late 2008,….  Read the rest »

Interview: “Seller Finance Strategies That Work in Today’s Market”

Silver Anniversary Series   In this 52-minute interview with real estate investor Walter Wofford, you’ll hear about the creative strategies he’s using in his family business to turn one profitable seller finance deal after another in the current market. Walter’s specialty is using seller financing to buy and then re-sell houses in the Jackson, Mississippi….  Read the rest »

Zillow prices IPO at $20 per share

by * starrynight1 Zillow Inc. [[ Z]] priced its initial public offering of 3.46 million shares of common stock at $ 20 per share. The shares were scheduled to begin trading Wednesday on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The price is higher than its original range of $ 12 to $ 14 share, which it raised….  Read the rest »

27% yield and $38,000 per month? Here’s how one investor did it…

Silver Anniversary Series “Interview with a top Broker/Investor” It’s not often that you hear about someone who comes out of the gates like Gerald has in the past two years. We’ll let the numbers do the talking… In our recent interview with Gerald, he shared the business model that has enabled him to achieve spectacular….  Read the rest »

What To Know Before You Move To A New Neighborhood

As home buyers , we tend to research homes a lot. We look at square footage; at upgrades; at landscaping; at community statistics; and, at every other “number” on which we can get our hands. But those are just statistics. What about the home’s “feel”?  In this 5-minute piece from NBC’s The Today Show, you’ll….  Read the rest »

How Can an Average Employee Become Wealthy?

by guest contributor George Antone, author of The Wealthy Code Recently, I was sitting in Denny’s with a friend of mine discussing how an average employee can become wealthy. The premise was that the employee does not want to quit their job until he/she has enough money or cash flow to do so. We came….  Read the rest »

Leverage your Way to Wealth (2 approaches)

by guest contributor George Antone, author of The Wealthy Code I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about LEVERAGE, and we talked about the two ways to wealth. When you think about it, with all that’s out there, getting to your financial goals boils down to one of TWO types of….  Read the rest »

Cash Flow vs. Capital Gains

UPDATE: Due to the response, George has agreed to do several free training sessions on “How to create passive cash flow by becoming a private lender.” Space for these free training calls is limited. Register now: Afternoon training session (East Coast) Evening training session (East Coast) Evening training session (West Coast)   When you think….  Read the rest »

“Understanding Bulk REO” training session

“How to buy by the gallon and sell by the shot…” After the recent webinar with Sal Buscemi on investing in and brokering what he calls “bulk assets” (i.e. bulk REOs and non-performing notes), we got many, many questions about the process Sal uses in his business. In response, Sal sat down and made a….  Read the rest »

Here’s the “5 Keys to Note Investing Success” report!

Here you go… Click to download the “5 Keys to Note Investing Success” report.

Commercial Paper Training: Session 1 of 6

Module 1 Training Video (Click Expand Button in Player Controls to Expand to Full Screen) To listen to audio only, press play

Fannie Mae’s mortgage portfolio, delinquency rate decline in January

by slight clutter Fannie Mae’s gross mortgage portfolio dropped at a compound annualized rate of 16.4% in January, according to the latest monthly report from the government-sponsored enterprise. The company’s book of business also fell at a compound annualized rate of 1.1%. At Jan. 31, the GSE’s gross mortgage portfolio balance hovered at $ 769.9….  Read the rest »

Bank of America, Wells Fargo see fines, actions on foreclosures

by The Library of Congress Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co., the largest U.S. mortgage firms, said they may face fines or enforcement actions from regulators amid investigations into foreclosure procedures. The probes may also lead to “significant legal costs,” Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America said yesterday in its annual report to….  Read the rest »

SunTrust reports issues in 4,000 foreclosure cases

by Julie70 SunTrust Banks found problems in 4,000 active foreclosure cases during an internal review of its practices, the bank said Friday in a regulatory filing. Atlanta-based SunTrust said it found “technical issues” in fewer than 15 percent of active cases. The filing said some employees signed foreclosure documents without personally verifying the loan information. [...]….  Read the rest »

New Home Sales Crater In January, Opening The Door For Deals With Builders

Not all housing reports are sunny, it seems. In its monthly New Home Sales release, the U.S. Department of Commerce showed a 13 percent drop-off in annualized new construction sales between the months of December and January. It’s the biggest one-month drop in New Home Sales since May 2010. In addition, the supply of new….  Read the rest »

Existing Home Supply Down 40% In Last 6 Months

Home resales rose another 2.7 percent last month, according to the National Association of REALTORS® monthly Existing Home Sales report. An “existing home” is a home that’s been previously occupied and is not considered new construction. The number of existing homes sold on a rolling 12-month basis is now at its highest point since May….  Read the rest »

VIDEO: MBA conference attendees prep for mortgage finance/housing reforms

by Chewy Chua What’s next for default servicing attorneys, property appraisers, home preservation experts and other mortgage servicers as they prepare for an onslaught of federal reforms and a backlogged foreclosure inventory? That’s the question on the minds of many mortgage servicing professionals who attended this year’s MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo in….  Read the rest »

BarCap claims strategic default is overestimated

by Musée McCord Museum Analysts at Barclays Capital believe many overestimate the amount of borrowers who strategically default on their mortgages. Additionally, they said the trend of walking away from one’s mortgage obligations has been reversing in recent quarters. Though there is no universal definition, borrowers are considered to have strategically defaulted when they stop….  Read the rest »

Homeowner attorney found in contempt for breaking into foreclosed home

by Tambako the Jaguar The Ventura County Superior Court in California found attorney Michael T. Pines in contempt of court Wednesday for helping his clients Jim and Danielle Earl break back into their home after the foreclosure was ruled legitimate. In January 2010, Conejo Capital Partners, an investment firm based in California, purchased the home….  Read the rest »

Single-Family Housing Starts Fell In January, Despite What The Headlines May Have Told You

Annualized Single-Family Housing Starts dropped 1 percent in January to 413,000 units nationwide, it’s lowest reading almost 2 years. A “Housing Start” is defined as a home on which construction has started. Now, if you had only seen the Housing Starts story in the headlines today, you wouldn’t have known that single-family starts fell at all. It’s….  Read the rest »