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Note Safety—Loan-To-Value Ratio

A low loan-to-value ratio makes your note safer and increases its resale value. The loan-to-value ratio for your note is the sum of the current loan balance for your loan and all senior loans divided by the current market value of the property securing the note. Loan-to-value ratio for a second loan having a current….  Read the rest »

Basic Note Buying Negotiation Tips

Lets take a look at some basic negotiation tips that you can easily apply to your own note purchase situation. 1. Look for some type of common ground when you first begin your negotiation. You are building up rapport and spending time just getting to know the other person or party involved. 2. Look and….  Read the rest »

The Dreaded Schedule B

By Jon Richards The following description requires you to use your calculator. It will take you about an hour and half to read, understand and the do the problems. However, if you take the time to do so you will understand a concept only advanced cash flow buyers bother to work out. It is worth….  Read the rest »

A Complex Note and 128% Yield!

A COMPLEX DEAL In which we keep making offers to the payor! This is an example of how you can buy a note and improve it. It’s called “recasting” a cash flow. You change the terms to increase the note’s Present Value. Follow along with your calculator and you will find out that it is….  Read the rest »

Bad Note To Good Notes

His name was really Ringo Jones. He had a note that he desperately needed to sell. We agreed to meet at my office, and he would bring a copy of the note, deed and closing statement. He insisted that we meet in the next hour, which I reluctantly agreed to do. The documents showed that….  Read the rest »

How To Work The Calculator

HOW TO WORK THE FINANCIAL CALCULATOR MODEL LOAN: You are borrowing $100,000 at 10% interest payable over 30 Years. To calculate the monthly payment on this loan we must put into the registers the three known numbers, viz. PV = $100,000, %i = 10%, and N = 30 years. Since the loan is fully amortizing,….  Read the rest »

The Financial Calculator

THE FINANCIAL CALCULATOR: YOUR KEY TO RICHES! This article will give you basic information on financial calculators using the standard key strokes for most models. It is assumed that you have read the manual that comes with your calculator and understand how to put the important values into the financial registers. If you are having….  Read the rest »

Profits In Land Notes

PROFITS IN DIRT: LAND NOTES! Note brokers who get rich do so by developing niche markets. That is they develop an expertise in an area of notes where these is no competition. If you are only going to broker first notes on owner-occupied, single family residential homes, you will face stiff competition in finding them….  Read the rest »

Commercial Notes

Commercial Real Estate Notes: How You Can Profit From Them. A great profit opportunity is being missed by note brokers because they are unfamiliar with commercial real estate notes. It’s easy to assess a note on a home, but if someone calls you with a commercial note you may not know how to price it,….  Read the rest »

There Are No Experts

I used be arrogant and cocky. I thought I knew every thing there was to know about the discounted mortgage business. I had bought thousands of notes at discount, I own 79 notes and make my living buying and brokering seven to 10 notes each month. I though I was an expert on buying discounted….  Read the rest »

Notes and Real Estate

REAL ESTATE AND NOTES: AN UNEXPLORED FRONTIER This article will suggest the most creative way to buy real estate with discounted notes. It is a wonderfully intriguing method, but if you cannot do this exact method, you will still be left with the very real possibilities of trading your notes that you bought at a….  Read the rest »

The Advanced Note Broker

WHAT IS AN ADVANCED NOTE BROKER? To be an advanced note broker means, simply, you are making money in the business. In fact, you will be, or are an advanced note broker if you do more than six deals a year. This may seem like a meager cut-off, but the competition is so rotten in….  Read the rest »


This article suggests an approach to tele-marketing with note sellers. The most important goal of telemarketing is not buying the note, but getting the note seller to send you the appropriate documents. Telemarketing is the most under used and under rated note finding technique in the discounted note business. The problem is: What do you….  Read the rest »

All About Press Releases

Almost every cash flow business has a noteworthy story to tell via press
 releases. The Columbia Journalism Review recently surveyed an issue of The Wall Street Journal and determined that 111 stories were taken from press releases. Earning publicity through press releases offers a definite advantage over advertising: When media makes claims on your behalf,….  Read the rest »


I think it is time someone put a stop to the accelerated mortgage nonsense. This scheme, variously known as the “Banker’s Secret“, or accelerated mortgage plan, or bi-weekly mortgage plan are almost always a very poor deal for the person who decides to go into one of these programs. This is true for at least….  Read the rest »


See below for a note brochure template you could mail out to prospects… If someone owes you money and is making regular payments to you, you are the holder of a note, mortgage or an IOU. If that note is secured by property or real estate you have an asset that can be sold for….  Read the rest »


I wish I had had the maturity of my 23 year old daughter, Becky, when I was 23. She has given me $2,000 to invest in an IRA for her. I bought her a small land note at 50% LTV, with a good payor, and with recourse back to the note seller. Certainly a safer….  Read the rest »

The Best Business In The World

WHY NOTE BROKERING IS THE BEST BUSINESS IN THE WORLD Safety: The note business changes the old saying that the riskier the investment, the higher the interest rate. High interest rates can be secured by almost risk free real estate. In this business you can buy with more safety and higher yields than almost any….  Read the rest »

The Secrets Of The Time Value Of Money

There is an incredible power in understanding the time value of money and using your financial calculator to make large profits. Your first inclination will be to skip these articles because they look too much like mathematics. But I think you will find that the investor who understands the power of cash flows will be….  Read the rest »

Five Ways To Enter The Note Business

Note brokers and note buyers buy notes, mortgages and other types of cash flows for a lump sum of cash. Because cash now is worth more than a series of small payments, the note broker will buy that cash flow for a discount from the face value of the note. For example, you might give….  Read the rest »

What is A Note Broker?

You are the note broker around whom this drama revolves. Your name is Ned NoteBroker (or Nancy NoteBroker). You used to be a real estate investor but you got tired of dealing with rental properties, tenants and the constant maintenance. You took several courses on discounted notes. You read several books on cash flows, are….  Read the rest »

What is a note?

What is a Discounted Note? A note is simply an IOU. A payor has promised to pay someone else, called a beneficiary, some money. The payor may agree to pay interest on the money, and to pay part of it back in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly installments or in one lump sum in the future…..  Read the rest »

About The Note Business

The business of buying notes secured by real estate or other assets consists of: Finding the notes is the most difficult part of the business. You want to let the note holders of the world know that you can buy their notes. To do this requires marketing and advertising skills. If you can get your….  Read the rest »

Introduction To The Note Industry

Welcome to the amazing world of Discounted Notes. In this business you will need to learn two things. First, you will learn about the miracle of the “Time Value of Money”. This knowledge will be essential to you throughout your investment career. If you invest in stocks, bonds, gold or discounted notes you simply must….  Read the rest »

Learn About Notes and Notes Brokering Here

Browse our selection of online courses Learn the skills necessary for success in the discounted cash-flow industry without even leaving your computer! All classes are taught by the most experienced note brokers in the country. Learn more about our workshops and online classes by visiting Classes. Start with our Free Online Introduction to Notes and Note….  Read the rest »