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Zillow: Minor drop in 30-year mortgage rates

“With little anticipated economic news this week, we expect rates will remain steady, similar to the pattern they’ve held for the past few weeks,” said Erin Lantz, vice president of mortgages at Zillow. All HW content

US, Mass courts rule in favor of MERS in foreclosures

by andrewmalone Two recent decisions affirm MERS’ role as mortgagee with the authority to assign a mortgage. All HW content

Benefits of Being a Published Author: Interview with Mike Lewis

In this interview, marketing expert Mike Lewis explains why having your own book is one of the most powerful ways to get new partners and attract new business. Think about it: Having your own book gives you: Instant credibility and status Positioning as a top expert The best “business card” possible An edge over your….  Read the rest »

7 Keys to Growing a Successful Real Estate Business

In this 27-minute, pure-content audio, We share what we believes are the “7 Keys to Success for Real Estate investors.” Some of the “7 Keys” covered on the call include: The power of “co-wholesaling” (especially when you’re starting out) Building the all-essential Buyer’s List Analyzing the Deal: How to pick deals that have multiple exit….  Read the rest »

Clarify. Motivate. Accomplish.

Here’s what we want for you in 2014 (and beyond): Know what you really want Know how to get it Strive tenaciously until you succeed Treat setbacks as learning experiences And above all, believe in yourself and know that we believe in you If you want to amplify your results, try this: Click & print….  Read the rest »

27% yield and $38,000 per month? Here’s how one investor did it…

Silver Anniversary Series “Interview with a top Broker/Investor” It’s not often that you hear about someone who comes out of the gates like Gerald has in the past two years. We’ll let the numbers do the talking… In our recent interview with Gerald, he shared the business model that has enabled him to achieve spectacular….  Read the rest »

HELOCs and 2nds being declared “unsecured debt” by bankruptcy judges

We recently interviewed the founder of a “note settlement” company who shared some surprising stories about how deeply banks are willing to discount the face value of HELOCs and other junior liens (and sometimes even first mortgages) in a settlement, especially if the borrower is facing a hardship or is underwater. (You can get access….  Read the rest »

Interview with Henry Dvorken

  Please leave comments below! Henry Dvorken: “Interview with the Experts” series: Henry Dvorken was one of the true giants of the Note business and was a fixture at the annual NoteWorthy Convention for over 25 years until his passing. Listen in as a former editor of the NoteWorthy Newsletter interviews Henry Dvorken. In this….  Read the rest »

In the game-like world of real estate investing, the other players are getting a lot smarter.

Attention Note Investors: You’ve seen the headlines about homeowners successfully challenging lenders or servicers attempting to foreclose without proper documentation. The lesson here for note investors is that borrowers and their attorneys are getting better at playing the game of real estate. But “Foreclosure-Gate” isn’t the real story here… The real story is that borrowers….  Read the rest »

Good Deals In Real Estate

What are Good Deals in Real Estate? All good deals in the complex business of purchasing real estate depend on knowing the fair market value of the property you wish to buy. A “good deal”: is defined as being able to buy a property for a certain price and being able to resell that property….  Read the rest »

Uses For Raw Land

USES FOR RAW LAND PURCHASED AT A DISCOUNT AT FORCED SALES Ideas by Fran Oberts 1. Build a powerful financial statement. 2. Make a profit giving it away –a moneymaking charitable deduction. 3. Create a deductible vacation. 4. Use as a powerful influential small gift. 5. Discount the purchase through the 1031 exchange. 6. Squeeze….  Read the rest »


RESIDUALS: THE ICING ON THE CAKE By:  Dick Ballard, CCIM, CAMB This article is intended for those note brokers who primarily work with groups of private investors and do not broker their notes to the large institutional buyers. However, after reading this, those of you who only broker notes to institutions might be encouraged to….  Read the rest »

What’s Your Game Plan?

by Michael Morrongiello I recently had the pleasure of attending a local real estate investors group meeting and listening to a tax accountant discuss his real estate investment strategies. In addition to sharing with the group different tax angles he made a most profound statement that he asked to all of us in the room…..  Read the rest »

Protect Your Data

By: JOHN MOREN I have been making money thanks to personal computers since way back in 1988. That was the year I first published the original NoteSmith loan servicing software and released it to the public. Since then I learned a lot about data. If all my tangible assets were lost in a natural or….  Read the rest »

Finding Bargains In Real Estate

NORMAL METHODS OF FINDING A BARGAIN IN REAL ESTATE by Jon Richards 1. Newspaper advertising. Study your local newspaper for properties which are listed by the owners, not real estate brokers. Sellers who avoid listing their properties with brokers are trying to avoid paying commissions. The seller – not the buyer, usually pays (Commissions.) Place….  Read the rest »

Mobile Home Financing

MAKE MONEY WITH MOBILES By: LONNIE SCRUGGS My ad read “Mobile Home For Sale-Will Finance” and the phone was ringing off the hook. Some callers didn’t even bother to ask what the selling price was or the interest rate. Most of them only wanted to know two things: “How much down and how much a….  Read the rest »

Working with a RE Broker

by Jon Richards Make up your mind at the beginning of your search for good real estate deals that there is absolutely nothing to gain by shifting the big burden of finding your property onto the shoulders of only one broker – no matter how good he or she is. Remember that if this broker….  Read the rest »

How To Find A Real Estate Bargain

by Jon Richards The best way to begin your career in real estate is to come up with a good, small, older apartment building – well located, and at a low price, with a small cash down payment. There is several ways to find this type of a real estate bargain. I will begin with….  Read the rest »

More IRA Creativity

CREATIVE LENDING AND PROFIT SPLITS USING AN IRA Cash flow can come in a number of interesting ways when using an IRA or qualified plan funds. Quite recently, we looked at some possibilities of transactions which may have multiple benefits. One in particular provided an interesting approach to income to both an Individual Retirement Account….  Read the rest »

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

by Michael J. Applegate, President and Founder of TimeValue Software. Over the years I have heard about how much money you can save by switching from monthly mortgage payments to bi-weekly payments. The concept of a bi-weekly mortgage is to make half of your monthly payment every two weeks. For example, on a 15 year….  Read the rest »

Notes and IRAs

BECOME A MORE PROFITABLE INVESTOR USING NOTES WITH IRAs Most note investors aren’t aware that they can use retirement savings such as IRAs, 401(K)s and other qualified plans to invest in nearly all forms of notes as well as real estate and other publicly traded investments. In addition, many do not fully understand the incredible….  Read the rest »

Late Charges

Part I By Tom Standen, Note Servicing Center [Also see the response to Tom's article in Part II below.] With respect to the amount, timing and method used to assess and collect late charges, I think in the last 16 years we have seen them all. It doesn’t seem to make much difference whether the….  Read the rest »

Try These Cash Flows

by Marty Granoff ( I have just returned from a most enlightening and enjoyable NoteWorthy convention held in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to hold a workshop on what my organization specializes in: dealing with state lottery winners, structured settlement annuitant and contest winners. We help them convert some or….  Read the rest »


A Primer for Cashflow Professionals by Sheila White ( The goal in this article is to familiarize cashflow professionals with the concept and potential benefits of outsourcing. “Outsourcing” is an impressive-sounding term for task delegation. Outsourcing certain pieces of your process can be a practical and cost-efficient way to increase your productivity and focus your….  Read the rest »

Rules Of Engagement

by Dave Butler By far, the Number 1 question we get from new people entering the cash flow business is always the same: “How do I get started!” That question invariably goes right to the Number 2 question: “How do I find notes?” Not bad questions… but there are several problems in trying to answer….  Read the rest »

Why All The Questions

by Ed Lisogar One area that exasperates new and inexperienced brokers is why we ask all of these questions before even giving a quote. After all, isn’t that what “due diligence” is for? Does an investor really need to know all of this just to give a quote? The answer is yes. Certain aspects known….  Read the rest »

The #1 Cause of Failure

Monday morning. “Now what?” So! You’re actually serious about getting into the cash flow business! Approached correctly, the financial rewards to being involved in the cash flow industry are outstanding. But like anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Just as a poor foundation will topple a high-rise, so too can starting out….  Read the rest »

Huge Increase Expected!

In Seller Financed Real Estate Notes, What Else? by Ruth Hauser (Editor’s comment: We have been saying for quite awhile that when interest rates go down there is less seller financing and things get a little slower for us. And as interest rates rise our business gets better and there will be and are more….  Read the rest »

Using The Worksheet As A Sales Tool

by Barbara Graff (Editor comment – Over the last few months several articles have included remarks about getting all of the information from the note holder before you present the completed worksheet to a funding source. It is not only mandatory for the funding source to have all of the information but it helps you….  Read the rest »