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Benefits of Being a Published Author: Interview with Mike Lewis

mike lewis Benefits of Being a Published Author: Interview with Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis on why you need to write a book.

In this interview, marketing expert Mike Lewis explains why having your own book is one of the most powerful ways to get new partners and attract new business.

Think about it: Having your own book gives you:

  • Instant credibility and status
  • Positioning as a top expert
  • The best “business card” possible
  • An edge over your competition

Mike will explain the power of being an author and will also de-mystify the process of writing your own book. (Hint: guess who really wrote It Takes a Village…?)

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  1. 3 Comment(s)

  2. By Greg Hilt | Reply

    Let me know how to get started

  3. By Albert Fury | Reply

    Want to publish a book. Please contact me.

  4. By Jannett Graham | Reply

    I am very interested in this. It just seems that today, you have to be an expert in your chosen area.
    I am a course junkie, I want to be a successful investor but it is such a wide field of topics that I have never owned an area that I could pin down and say I have ‘expert’ knowledge. Deanna, hearing your take on having a idea and then writing a book. And listening to Mike, I think he would help me a lot. I can become an expert just by finding out exactly WHO I am. The struggles of ghost writing appear difficult but you know it could truly be my real ticket to expert status. I love it.

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