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Basic Note Buying Negotiation Tips

Lets take a look at some basic negotiation tips that you can easily apply to your own note purchase situation.

1. Look for some type of common ground when you first begin your negotiation. You are building up rapport and spending time just getting to know the other person or party involved.

2. Look and identify who the main players are – always watch or listen to see who is in charge. This will be the person that others will look to when it comes to making a final decision. This might be a manager or CEO or it could be the account executive that has the power to offer you a discount on your note purchase.

3. React surprised when an offer is made – this may take a little practise to achieve. By acting surprised you can make the other party feel a little uncomfortable. Your goal here is to indicate that you were looking for something totally different.

4. If you can’t bring yourself to ask outright for a discount, use the terms ‘more affordable option’ instead. This can be applied to products or when hiring some type of service provider. Just by asking what other options are available can easily get you a better deal or better value for your money.

5. When you feel as though your negotiations aren’t going anywhere or taking too long, it is time to simply ask for your discount or deal. Many times this will get things resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. Stop talking and ask!

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