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5 Keys to Note Investing Success – Free download

What are the 5 things you MUST get right to succeed as a note investor?

Download this free 45-page report and find out.

The report reveals…

• How much is your note really worth? (p. 17)

• Why record keeping is vital to your note’s value (p. 10)

• A simple technique that can avoid tax problems (p. 15)

• What to do when the payments are late (p. 10)

• What to do if the payments stop and when to foreclose (p. 32)

• A simple step you can take to verify the safety of your note (p. 9)

• How to get top dollar if you sell all or part of your note (p. 12)

BONUS: the report also includes 5 additional Appendixes on the following: Real Estate Investing terminology, the Foreclosure Process, Recommended resources, sample amortization schedule, and a Note Purchase Quotation form.

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  2. By Bob Massey | Reply

    I hope to attend one of your events this year. I am anxiously pursuing notes these days

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