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2012 Noteworthy Convention

2012 Noteworthy Convention

The 2012 Convention was Noteworthy’s 26th, and as always we had a very special line-up of guests and events planned. We surpassed last year’s 550+ attendees, so the networking was be incredible, and our 40+ speakers are worked hard to make sure that the classes were better than ever.

The dates for the Convention were October 25-28, and the venue was the “New” Tropicana in Las Vegas.

There is a three-part focus this year:

  • Track 1: Investing in Defaulted Notes
  • Track 2: Seller Finance & Real Estate
  • Track 3: Marketing & Business Building

Plus, all attendees participated in the Second Annual Note Raffle, where PPR, Dave Van Horn’s note investment hedge fund, again gave away a Defaulted Note to a lucky guest.

See below for last year’s lineup of speakers, classes and panel discussions. We will be posting the 2012 schedule in the next few days.

The 2011 Noteworthy Convention Agenda

Keynote Address

“From Broker to Investor: How to Create Dependable, Passive Income for Life”
Presenter: Lisa Moren-Bromma

Panel Discussions

  • Panel Discussion: “Finding & Buying Delinquent Notes”; Moderator: Dave Van Horn; Panelists: Tony Martinez, Gerald Lemoine, Doug Grimm, Chris Gleize
  • Panel Discussion: “Marketing Strategies for 2012 and Beyond”; Moderator: Carl White; Panelists: Walter Wofford, Simon White, Ralf Bieler, Jeff Armstrong
  • Panel Discussion: “Benefits of Using Self-directed IRAs”; Moderator: Jeff Watson, Esq.; Panelists: Lyle Wall, Walter Wofford, Donna Bauer, Marty Goodman, Lisa Moren-Bromma, Dave Van Horn
  • Panel Discussion: “Working with Private Investors: Strategies and Case Studies”; Moderator: Jack Sternberg; Panelists: George Antone, Gary Boomershine
  • Panel Discussion: “Profitable Exit Strategies with Non-Performing Notes”; Moderator: Dave Van Horn; Panelists: Gerald Lemoine, Eddie Speed, Anthony Martinez, Kevin Cordell
  • Panel Discussion: “Best Strategies for Finding Notes”; Moderator: Marty Goodman; Panelists: John Behle, Rudy Baldoni, Michael Soliz, Doug Grimm, Chris Gleize
  • Panel Discussion: “Opportunities in Seller Finance”; Moderator: Henry Dvorken; Panelists: Eddie Speed, Donna Bauer, Walter Wofford, Michael Morrongiello, Jayme Kahla, Tom Standen, John Behle, Bill Tan
  • Panel Discussion: “More Strategies for Raising Private Money”; Moderator: Jeff Watson, Esq.; Panelists: Mazin Sbaiti, Esq., Dave Van Horn, Divina Westerfield, Marty Goodman, George Antone
  • Panel Discussion: “Due Diligence, Servicing, and Collections: What You Need to Know”; Moderator: Tom Standen; Panelists: Kevin Cordell, Mike Soliz, Manfred Sternberg, Danette Ferguson

Noteworthy Convention Classes

  • “Why Seconds Come First: Lessons from a $40 Million Note Investment Hedge Fund”
    Presenter: Dave Van Horn
  • “Rules of the Road: Cardinal Rules for Successful Note Brokering”
    Presenter: Michael Morrongiello
  • “Is there Life Beyond Notes? How to Earn a Residual Income Each Month”
    Presenter: Ralf Bieler
  • “How to Use Paper as an Alternative to Short Sales”
    Presenter: Bob Leonetti
  • “Social Media Marketing: Getting Started”
    Presenter: Carl White
  • “Economic Meltdown Survival”
    Presenter: Lee Phillips, Esq.
  • “Bankruptcy 101: What to Do When Your Borrower Files”
    Presenter: Kevin Cordell
  • “Bad Paper? Not Necessarily! Making the Impossible Deal Possible”
    Presenter: John Behle
  • “23 Ways to Buy a Mortgage Note”
    Presenter: Henry Dvorken
  • “Note Buying 201: Creating Wealth with Notes”
    Presenter: Donna Bauer
  • “How to Use Seller Financing to Solve the Credit Crisis”
    Presenter: Eddie Speed
  • “NoteSettlors: an Innovative Business Model”
    Presenter: Anthony Martinez
  • “Re-capitalization on Demand: Raising Cash with Partials”
    Presenter: Gerald Lemoine
  • “How to Generate Massive Passive Cashflow as a Private Lender”
    Presenters: Gary Boomershine & George Antone
  • “Distressed Property Coalition and the Future of Seller Financing”
    Presenter: Jeff Watson, Esq.
  • “Mortgage Securitization, Foreclosure & Quiet Title: The Current State of Litigation Issues Regarding Mortgages”
    Presenter: Divina Westerfield
  • “State of the Industry: Opportunities & Challenges”
    Presenter: Eddie Speed
  • “Call to Arms: Recent Legislation that Affects You”
    Presenter: Jeff Watson, Esq.
  • “Using Self Directed IRA’s to Fund the Purchase of Defaulted Commercial Notes and HELOC’s”
    Presenter: Jeff Watson, Esq.
  • “Push the Partial!”
    Presenter: Jeff Armstrong
  • “How to Tell If You Have a Real Deal or Not”
    Presenter: Jayme Kahla
  • “2011 Industry Achievement Award”
    Presenter: Jack Sternberg & Hank Harenberg
  • “Calculator 101: Making Dollars and Sense Out of Your Note Deals”
    Presenter: Donna Bauer
  • “Educate Yourself About Alternative Cash Flows”
    Presenter: Marty Granoff
  • “Irresistible Attraction: Reaching Buyers & Sellers with Video and Social Media Marketing”
    Presenter: Carl White
  • “Using Internet Marketing & Videos to Buy, Sell & Manage Real Estate”
    Presenters: Walter Wofford & Simon White
  • “Note Servicing Secrets and Solutions for Today’s Marketing Strategies”
    Presenter: Tom Standen

To see the speakers’ bios, click here.

See you in Las Vegas!

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  2. By Beau | Reply

    This looks like a great event. I’ll do my best to attend.

  3. By Barb Eichlin | Reply

    What are the start and end times for each day of the convention so that I may evaluate travel arrangements?

  4. By steve | Reply

    I am interested in purchasing notes secured by commercial or residential property in Washington DC

  5. By Ilona Miller | Reply

    I like to know more about your events.
    How many events a year do you have and how many are usually in attendance.
    I am very interested to know more.

  6. By admin | Reply

    Hello Ilona,

    The next convention will be next October in Las Vegas. Keep watching our website at for updates and registration information.
    We hope to see you at a future event.

    Noteworthy Editors

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  2. Aug 17, 2012: Noteworthy’s 26th annual convention is coming soon!!

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