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2011 Noteworthy Convention

2011 Noteworthy Convention – Right Around The Corner!

The 2011 Convention is Noteworthy’s 25th, and we are marking our Silver Anniversary with a very special line-up of guests and events.

The dates for the Convention are November 10-13, and the venue will be the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Register now and get a FREE ticket to the pre-Convention workshop, aimed at beginning and intermediate investors, “Notes 101: Making Money with Notes.”

Plus, all attendees will participate in the first annual Note Raffle, where PPR, Dave Van Horn’s note investment hedge fund, will give away a high-value note to a lucky guest.

See below for the 2011 lineup of speakers, classes and panel discussions…

The 2011 Noteworthy Convention Agenda

Keynote Address

“From Broker to Investor: How to Create Dependable, Passive Income for Life”
Presenter: Lisa Moren-Bromma

Panel Discussions

  • Panel Discussion: “Finding & Buying Delinquent Notes”; Moderator: Dave Van Horn; Panelists: Tony Martinez, Gerald Lemoine, Doug Grimm, Chris Gleize
  • Panel Discussion: “Marketing Strategies for 2012 and Beyond”; Moderator: Carl White; Panelists: Walter Wofford, Simon White, Ralf Bieler, Jeff Armstrong
  • Panel Discussion: “Benefits of Using Self-directed IRAs”; Moderator: Jeff Watson, Esq.; Panelists: Lyle Wall, Walter Wofford, Donna Bauer, Marty Goodman, Lisa Moren-Bromma, Dave Van Horn
  • Panel Discussion: “Working with Private Investors: Strategies and Case Studies”; Moderator: Jack Sternberg; Panelists: George Antone, Gary Boomershine
  • Panel Discussion: “Profitable Exit Strategies with Non-Performing Notes”; Moderator: Dave Van Horn; Panelists: Gerald Lemoine, Eddie Speed, Anthony Martinez, Kevin Cordell
  • Panel Discussion: “Best Strategies for Finding Notes”; Moderator: Marty Goodman; Panelists: John Behle, Rudy Baldoni, Michael Soliz, Doug Grimm, Chris Gleize
  • Panel Discussion: “Opportunities in Seller Finance”; Moderator: Henry Dvorken; Panelists: Eddie Speed, Donna Bauer, Walter Wofford, Michael Morrongiello, Jayme Kahla, Tom Standen, John Behle, Bill Tan
  • Panel Discussion: “More Strategies for Raising Private Money”; Moderator: Jeff Watson, Esq.; Panelists: Mazin Sbaiti, Esq., Dave Van Horn, Divina Westerfield, Marty Goodman, George Antone
  • Panel Discussion: “Due Diligence, Servicing, and Collections: What You Need to Know”; Moderator: Tom Standen; Panelists: Kevin Cordell, Mike Soliz, Manfred Sternberg, Danette Ferguson

Noteworthy Convention Classes

  • “Why Seconds Come First: Lessons from a $40 Million Note Investment Hedge Fund”
    Presenter: Dave Van Horn
  • “Rules of the Road: Cardinal Rules for Successful Note Brokering”
    Presenter: Michael Morrongiello
  • “Is there Life Beyond Notes? How to Earn a Residual Income Each Month”
    Presenter: Ralf Bieler
  • “How to Use Paper as an Alternative to Short Sales”
    Presenter: Bob Leonetti
  • “Social Media Marketing: Getting Started”
    Presenter: Carl White
  • “Economic Meltdown Survival”
    Presenter: Lee Phillips, Esq.
  • “Bankruptcy 101: What to Do When Your Borrower Files”
    Presenter: Kevin Cordell
  • “Bad Paper? Not Necessarily! Making the Impossible Deal Possible”
    Presenter:  John Behle
  • “23 Ways to Buy a Mortgage Note”
    Presenter: Henry Dvorken
  • “Note Buying 201: Creating Wealth with Notes”
    Presenter: Donna Bauer
  • “How to Use Seller Financing to Solve the Credit Crisis”
    Presenter: Eddie Speed
  • “NoteSettlors: an Innovative Business Model”
    Presenter: Anthony Martinez
  • “Re-capitalization on Demand: Raising Cash with Partials”
    Presenter: Gerald Lemoine
  • “How to Generate Massive Passive Cashflow as a Private Lender”
    Presenters: Gary Boomershine & George Antone
  • “Distressed Property Coalition and the Future of Seller Financing”
    Presenter: Jeff Watson, Esq.
  • “Mortgage Securitization, Foreclosure & Quiet Title: The Current State of Litigation Issues Regarding Mortgages”
    Presenter: Divina Westerfield
  • “State of the Industry: Opportunities & Challenges”
    Presenter: Eddie Speed
  • “Call to Arms: Recent Legislation that Affects You”
    Presenter: Jeff Watson, Esq.
  • “Using Self Directed IRA’s to Fund the Purchase of Defaulted Commercial Notes and HELOC’s”
    Presenter: Jeff Watson, Esq.
  • “Push the Partial!”
    Presenter: Jeff Armstrong
  • “How to Tell If You Have a Real Deal or Not”
    Presenter: Jayme Kahla
  • “2011 Industry Achievement Award”
    Presenter: Jack Sternberg & Hank Harenberg
  • “Calculator 101: Making Dollars and Sense Out of Your Note Deals”
    Presenter: Donna Bauer
  • “Educate Yourself About Alternative Cash Flows”
    Presenter: Marty Granoff
  • “Irresistible Attraction: Reaching Buyers & Sellers with Video and Social Media Marketing”
    Presenter: Carl White
  • “Using Internet Marketing & Videos to Buy, Sell & Manage Real Estate”
    Presenters: Walter Wofford & Simon White
  • “Note Servicing Secrets and Solutions for Today’s Marketing Strategies”
    Presenter: Tom Standen

To see the speakers’ bios, click here.

See you in Las Vegas!

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  2. By Jim Holder | Reply

    Wow! What a group of All-Stars. I’m really looking forward to this.

  3. By Tony Schubert | Reply

    Is there a schedule of what times the classes will be etc.?

  4. By admin | Reply

    Tony, we’ll list the session times in the Convention program.

  5. By Jeff Sustaita | Reply

    Where can I find the convention program?
    What time does it start on Thursday?

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    Will the convention presentations be taped?
    If so, when would they be available?

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