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2010 Noteworthy Convention

2010 Noteworthy Convention – Held in the Historic French Quarter in New Orleans

You’re invited to attend the 24th Annual Convention on Real Estate and Discounted Note Investing, Finance, and Cash Flow, brought to you by the Noteworthy Newsletter.

Come join us in New Orleans November 4-6 and meet industry experts and fellow investors in person and spend three days sharing ideas, learning innovative ways to run your business, and profiting from the successes of colleagues and consultants.

The convention is designed for real estate and note investors who want to expand their horizons. This year we are going to focus our workshops and roundtables on private money financing, the defaulted debt business and the latest thinking from the broader discounted cash flow landscape.

You’ll profit from our exciting workshops, dynamic presentations, educational roundtable sessions, and panel discussions, featuring thought-leaders in the industry. And you’ll enjoy our many networking opportunities, vendor exhibits, breakfasts, luncheons and exclusive cocktail parties

Like every year for the past 24, you’ll be educated, inspired and entertained in one unforgettable visit!

News Flash! All attendees this year will receive a suite of software tools at the door that will dramatically SPEED UP the way you get leads and do deals…


Information and Schedule

BONUS (just added):

There will be several closed-door, pre-convention Mastermind sessions on Thursday, Nov 4 from 1-5 pm.

Everyone who attends will be invited to be there and work on how to get YOUR business to the next level.


Registration will begin Thursday morning and continue all day, and the Convention officially starts on Thursday at 6:30pm with a hosted cocktail party.

Friday is devoted to education and networking (details below).

Saturday features more Workshops and Roundtable sessions with industry experts. We end on Saturday night in the French Quarter with a gala.

We have chosen New Orleans as our site this year because the National Association of Realtors is having their annual Convention right after ours. There will be many chances for the Realtors to network, learn about all the changes in the Private Financing Business and attend our convention and together we can create more opportunities for both industries.

Our Convention willl be held at the beautiful Wyndham Chateau Bourbon Hotel in the world-famous New Orleans French Quarter.

The NoteWorthy special room package at our Convention Hotel is now SOLD OUT…  but we have made arrangements at our “overflow” hotel- (also a Wyndham — Garden Baronne Plaza Hotel) and just 2 blocks away. Call them at 504-522-0083 and be sure to ask for the “NoteWorthy Publications” discount which should result in a substantial savings over the published rates.

With the National Association of Realtors’ convention in town that weekend, we suggest you grab your room (at the overflow hotel) immediately. When that block fills up, you’re on your own trying to find another room in the city.

Call the overflow hotel at 504-522-0083 and ask for the “Noteworthy Publications” rate.

HOTEL UPDATE: You may call the main Convention Hotel directly at 504-586-0800 if you want to stay there at their regular rates. As of October 8th, there are were no more discounted rooms remaining at the Convention rate.

OVERFLOW HOTEL INFORMATION:  Just 2 blocks from our Hotel is the Overflow Hotel for this event.  It is the Wyndham Garden Baronne Plaza.  They have held a block of rooms for us at a discounted rate till Oct.20,after which most rooms in the City will be taken up by the NAR Convention and you may be forced to pay a premium or stay in the suburbs. So, call them at 504-522-0083 and mention the name “NoteWorthy Publications” to get this special deal.


Day One (Thursday): various Mastermind sessions, 1-5 pm.

These closed-door sessions will not be video-taped to ensure confidentiality. A select group of RE and Note investors and trainers will lead these sessions, and all attendess are invited to attend.

EVENING WELCOME COCKTAIL PARTY sponsored by AmeriFunds Diversified Funding

Day Two (Friday)

IN-DEPTH WORKSHOPS: Create your own curriculum and meet one-on-one with the most successful real estate investors, cash flow note and RE finance experts in the country. See below for more details.

COFFEE BREAK sponsored

Day Three (Saturday)

MORE IN-DEPTH WORKSHOPS: Continue to create your own curriculum and meet one-on-one with the most successful real estate investors, note and cash flow and RE finance experts in the country. See below for more details.

ROUNDTABLE SESSIONS AND CONVENTION WRAP-UP: A chance to spend more quality time with many of the experts in this industry and network with your fellow convention attendees.

Sample of Workshops Offered:

“How to Achieve Obscene Yields with Small Money”
Tom Henderson, The Note Professor

By applying the concepts of the Time Value of Money you can achieve OBSCENE YIELDS. Learn no nonsense techniques where you will enjoy yields of 29%, 138% and higher with little money. Discover a real life situation where a 7% note was turned into a 75% yield. You will also learn the most lucrative technique in the note business-BUYING NOTES WITH NO MONEY. You will be amazed at the simplicity.

Tom earned a BBA Degree in Finance and Economics. He is a recognized expert in the field of creative financing using seller financing and notes. Tom entered the field of real estate in 1980 during times of turmoil and crisis, much like we are experiencing today. During these troubled times, Tom mastered the skill of acquiring and disposing of real estate using seller financing and notes, as well as buying and selling notes to achieve astronomical yields. Tom’s “tell it like it is” approach has earned him the respect of his students and peers alike. He is a much sought after speaker, author and instructor for real estate groups and publications nationwide. Tom is president of H&P Capital Investments, LLC, which buys, sells and trades owner-financed notes.

“Notes as An Alternative To Short Sales”
Robert Leonetti

Bob has been trading seller-financed and conventional mortgages on the secondary market since 1994 and has completed more than 2000 transactions.  He’s a former licensed Mortgage Banker licensed in 12 states and took his former company, Success Financial Services Group, public in 2000 (Pink Sheets:  SFSG), serving as CEO for two years.  He specializes in the utilization of notes to circumvent short sales and maximize real estate profits.

“Raising Private Money for Investing in Performing & Non-Performing Notes”
Divina Westerfield, National Note Association

Divina K. Westerfield, J.D., is President of National Note Association, Inc. ( Dr. Westerfield is active in residential and commercial real estate investing, including performing and non-performing notes. She has practiced as an attorney since 1984 in construction, real estate, banking, finance and securities. Since 2003, she has focused on real estate and performing and non-performing notes while also teaching Business Law and Ethics to MBA and Doctorial candidates. She may be contacted at or (800) 903-5991.

“Economic Meltdown Survival”
Lee Phillips, Attorney at Law

The house of cards built by Fannie, Freddie, Wall Street, and others is falling down around us. The economic and legal game is changing fast. The IRS is being repositioned to redistribute wealth. You know the cave in is going to have a significant effect on your money making potential. In fact, you have already felt the first shock waves hit your bottom line. From a lawyer’s perspective, there are a number of things that can be done to help you and your business survive the down turn, the tax increases that will come, and the legal sharks circling to tear your empire apart just to please some frivolous litigant. In hard times, frivolous litigation increases, identity theft goes up, successful businesses become hated targets, and if you make money, you are targeted as “rich.” It’s your blood, sweat, and tears that have gotten you where you are. In today’s economic and legal environment, everything you’ve worked your whole life for is exposed and could be lost in an instant.

Lee R. Phillips, well-respected attorney, is a counselor to the United States Supreme Court and nationally recognized author and speaker in the area of legal structuring, asset protection and high end tax planning. The worries everyone has about their financial security are millstones around their necks. Proper personal and business structuring lets people drop the millstones and move forward financially and emotionally. Lee presents these “tools of wealth” in a very entertaining way.

“Non-Performing Commercial Paper”
Jayme Kahla

Jayme has over 30 years in the Real Estate Investment Field in the formation of, and involvement in, REITS, Investment Partnerships, and Syndications where she has acted as Investor, Syndicator, Mortgage Banker, Underwriter, and Commercial Developer.  She’s been a licensed Mortgage Lender & Banker, CFO of publicly traded Success Financial Services Group, and a principal buyer of performing and non-performing mortgages since 1992.  She’s a former CPA in three states, and is currently the principal in EquiCapital Source, Inc., an Austin-based Commercial Real Estate Private Investment Fund.

“Tax Liens and Judgment Purchases”
Mike Warren,

Mike Warren is a nationally known author, investor and instructor in the areas of profiting from real estate judgments and liens and making money with Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure and Local Search marketing. Michael holds a double MBA, and is President of a diversified real estate consulting firm. TV and radio show hosts call Mike America’s Premiere Bad-Debt Financial Strategist because of his laser-like focus and ability to get deals done.

“Today’s Issues in Quality of Title & How To Document Them”
Jeff Watson, Attorney at Law

Jeff brings his vast title knowledge to this subject that will allow you to examine and close note transactions by understanding title issues in the marketplace today. Close note deals that  other can’t by fully understanding title issues that can be corrected.

Jeff Watson has been a full time practicing attorney for the last 18 years, and has an active trial/hearing practice. He and his wife Lorri have been real estate investors since 1994. Their real estate investing experience includes: rehabbing, creative buying, long term holding of numerous rental properties and apartment buildings and handling several short sales in more than one state at any given time. Jeff frequently assists and represents other investors in their deals, negotiations and in litigation. He prepares deeds and other documents for a local title company and real estate brokerage.

Jeff has responsibilities and involvement with Realeflow LLC, Loss Mitigation Solution LLC and Strategic Real Estate Coach as legal counsel and part owner.  He is a frequent guest speaker at various real estate investor meetings and have been a contributor to the NoteWorthy Newsletter.

“The IRA Multiplier”
Lisa Moren-Bromma, The Entrust Group

Working with investors who have IRA’s to lend or acquire mortgages at a discount could be a key to the future of your note brokerage business. Learn the secrets to working with Other People’s IRA’s (OPI). In this session you will learn how to sell notes to OPI’s, why notes make more sense than real estate to this type of investor, the one pitfall you must be aware of, and the number one professional who can help you “bring home the bacon.”

Lisa Moren-Bromma is an advisor for The Entrust Group, the nation’s largest administrator of self-directed IRA’s in the country. Lisa has been a real estate investor since 1978, a note investor since 1988 and has worked with The Entrust Group as a consultant since 2002. She continues to be an active investor and has used her IRA to create tax-deferred cash flow.

“How To Grow Your Business With Private Investors”
Jason Medley

This session incorporates the Golden Rules to help note businesses find more private funding sources willing to fund private notes. Jason shares his simple steps to find local private investors ready and able to buy quality deals. Enhanced profitability from more investors offers the opportunity to build one’s own note portfolio and enjoy greater professional expertise. The building blocks used to create these relationships will work whether you are a new broker or a seasoned veteran.

Jason Medley, also known as “The Money Man” is an active, seasoned Real Estate investor and The Nation’s leading transactional funder closing 25-30 deals a month, month in and month out.  His company, iVisionary Financial Solutions, has helped explode the businesses of investors across the nation by providing a funding program that provides funding for investment property via back-to-back closings regardless of your income, assets, credit score, or employment status.  Jason and his niche funding has helped many investors revolutionize their business while accelerating their journey to financial freedom.

“Money-Making Joint IRA Ventures”
Walter Wofford and Quincy Long

Unearth the secrets to attracting private IRA lenders to your business activities. This workshop explores several types of co-venture arrangements that combine both IRA and non-IRA investing. Learning these techniques will energize any business.

Walter Wofford is an active real estate investor from the Jackson, MS area utilizing IRAs and other Retirement Accounts as his primary funding source in his day-to-day business real estate business. These methods include options, private IRA borrowing, buy/sell structuring, rentals plus much more. Walter will share his real life experience and knowledge of how to attract IRA dollars to your business. And he mixes it with a sense of humor that will keep you glued to his every word.

“Online Marketing For You and Your Business in 2010″
Simon White

Learn the basics of websites, squeeze pages, blogs and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to promote your business online. Discover why you should have more than just one website or blog. Learn the fastest ways to get traffic (visitors) to your site and how to entice them to contact you once they arrive. Uncover simple tricks to get Google and the other search engines to notice your website.

Simon White worked in the high-tech world for 17 years before going full-time into real estate and online marketing. He has been on the web over 20 years; before most people had even heard of the world wide web. Simon has been a real estate investor for six years and has worked full-time as a real estate investor and online marketer for two years. Simon owns rental properties, several real estate notes, and buys and sells real estate online and offline.

“23 Ways To Buy A Mortgage Note”
Henry Dvorken, Courtman Mortgage Services

The seller-financed note business is shifting from simple “flipping” (brokering) notes to emphasizing investing in notes for your own account. This workshop will show you how to invest, and where to find the money locally to buy notes and build wealth.

Henry Dvorken is licensed real estate broker in Texas and frequent speaker and teacher at NoteWorthy conventions. He is president of Courtman Companies, which among other things, manages rental properties, buys, sells and brokers real estate. Henry has written and taught several programs for note brokers and real estate investors. One of the pioneers of this industry, Henry is a keystone of knowledge and always willing to share his expertise with others.

“Market Cycles- It Is All Good News”
Eddie Speed, NoteSchool and Colonial Funding Group

Discover the secrets to sourcing notes with only certain marketable characteristics, i.e. credit, down payment, Loan-To-Value, documentation, property type and price point. This session will teach you how to focus predominately on note creation, targeting the current gaps in conventional lending (Jumbos, etc.) that were virtually 100% conventional in years past. This class will also discuss which notes to avoid for lack of marketability, such as second liens, wraparounds, high LTVs, and notes on certain types of collateral.

W. Eddie Speed is the president of Colonial Funding Group, LLC and the founder of NoteSchool™. He is the author of Streetwise Seller Financing, and a nationally recognized expert on seller-financed notes. Eddie has purchased more 30,000 notes totaling over a half a billion dollars in the past 30 years – an industry record. He has received many of the industry’s top gun awards, including the Noteworthy 2006 Industry Achievement Award.

“Market Turbulence: How The Past Year Has Affected The Structured Settlement Business”
Marty Granoff, Granoff Enterprises

Why has the number of sellers increased in the past year? Why have some investors survived (and even thrived) while others haven’t? Why are we paying less for future payments than we did before? What does the future hold for structured settlement business? This session will provide answers to all these questions, and will also include a quick overview of what structured settlements are. Learn of other interesting cash flows being traded in the current market and the opportunities to profit from them.

Marty Granoff founded Granoff Enterprises in 1980, raising capital for specific business and real estate projects. Marty entered the cash flow business in 1990, working with real estate notes. He added state lotteries, structured settlements, and other cash flow acquisitions in 1992. Marty has been a steady and reliable presence when so many other alternative cash flow investors have come and gone.

“The Science of Marketing: Proven Strategies For Your Note Business”
Jeff Armstrong, Armstrong Capital

Learn the science of marketing for seller financed notes and how marketing for notes is like bass fishing! ‘Catch’ your customers by learning the most up-to-date note business marketing methods from an actual practitioner in the business. Jeff will cover a range of different strategies in-depth as time permits.

Jeff Armstrong has been working in the note business full-time since October 1993. He acquired his California Real Estate Sales License in June 1992 and his California Real Estate Broker’s license in June 1996. With over 1400 closed note transactions closed since the inception of Armstrong Capital, Jeff’s knowledge and experience in the note industry is unquestioned. Jeff is a recognized speaker at industry conventions and conferences nationwide, and an author of several books.

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